Frequently Asked Questions (and Rules):

What is the maximum number that can be accommodated?
Our facility can accommodate about 225 (less if you need space for a dance floor). If you rent a tent, the number of guests can be raised to 300.

Can I rent a tent and have it set up on the property?

If your count goes higher than 225, a tent is an excellent option to increase your seating. Tent set up must be supervised by owner to avoid damaging underground utilities.

What is the rental fee?

Call 828-421-0011 for fee information.

What is included?

Barn, furnishings, surrounding grounds, parking, restrooms, and caterer’s set up area.

Is there a place for food to be prepared?

No food preparation is allowed at the Barn. All food is to be prepared and brought in ready to be served either by caterers or yourselves.

What time is included?

The Barn is yours for set-up (from 9am-4pm the day before), for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, for the wedding & reception, and for necessary clean up (same day or day after if needed).

Are table and chairs available?

Yes, we have 250 (metal back and wood seat) chairs, 30 – 8ft. rectangular tables, and 15 – 60” round tables. They are included in the rental price. (Tables & chairs are to be used inside only.) If you need chairs for an outside ceremony you will need to rent those from a vendor.

Are there music restrictions or length of time it may be played?

The music must be off by 11:30pm in time for the band or DJ to pack and be gone by 12am.

Are there rooms available for the bride & attendants to change?

There is a room in the Barn loft that can be used for the bridal party for the day of the event.

Is there a dance floor?

The concrete barn floor.

What restrictions do you have on smoking?

Absolutely no smoking in the barn. Outside is acceptable but discard butts must be put in the provided cigarette butt buckets.

Is there ac/heat in the barn, if needed?

No. But heaters can be rented from a local vendor. There are 2 large fans that are available on hot days. There is ac in the barn loft (for the bridal party) but only to be used on the day of the event.

Should we bring our own garbage bags and paper towels?

No, we will furnish these items.

What do we do with the garbage?

You are responsible to haul off all the garbage.

Can we bring pets?

No, pets are not allowed on the property. Only service animals are allowed.

 Is alcohol allowed to be served?

Yes, but all responsibility is on the persons renting the barn. It must be covered by your event insurance.

Is there anything we shouldn’t use as send-off favors?

No Sparklers, confetti, stars, rice, or artificial flower petals – bird seed, real flower petals, and bubbles are fine.

Are there any other restrictions?

Yes – please do not bring paint, use tape (on the floors), or nails, staples or screws (in the walls). If you have a special request to hang something, it must be approved by the barn owner beforehand.

Can articles be left overnight?

Yes, but barn owners are not responsible or liable for anything left in the barn. You are responsible for any rental or personal items you leave. No food is to be left out overnight.

Can we make a bonfire or use fireworks on the property?


Do I need to make a deposit to secure my date?

Yes, a $500 initial payment is required to book the Barn. The remaining balance is due 1 month prior to the event.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, $250 to be paid before setup and will be refunded if Barn and used areas are cleaned and undamaged otherwise the damages or cleaning expenses will be taken out of the security deposit.

Are there any other expenses?

You will need to buy event insurance for each day you are on the property (set up, event, and takedown).  We can recommend some local insurance companies if needed.

Any rules about children?

For the safety of the children, they must be supervised by parents or adults. We ask that the children do not throw stones from around the barn or damage any other property (trees, shrubs, etc) while they are outside. They must stay on Barn property (and not use the swing set or trampoline across the driveway).